Water Heater Reviews

There are so many types of water heaters one will feel overwhelmed by the amount of information. Many water heater reviews will give you facts about the necessity of such an object and rarely offer you statistics on the downside of them. Out of the many types of water heaters, there is one that best suits your needs. Let’s start by determining the fuel type you prefer.

Electricity is the modern source of energy. It is used in most of our appliances. When used in water heaters, good insulation is a key factor. You wouldn’t want to start dancing in the shower because the wire isn’t well insulated. On the other hand, gas can leak if the pipes aren’t joined properly. The results of a gas leakage can be devastating. Water heater reviews show that electric heaters are far safer.

Water heaters come in two distinct versions: storage water heaters and tankless water heaters. Now, storage water heaters use gas or electricity to heat up the tank in which the water lays. This has the advantage of using the fuel slowly, being able to heat the water once and storing it for later use. The downside is that if the water cools, more fuel must be consumed to reheat the whole tank.

Tankless water heaters are more widely spread due to the convenience in space storage. The systems differs a lot, they heat water as it passes through the pipes. They will have a bit of lag until the mechanism heats up, but once it does hot water will flow uninterrupted. Most water heater reviews state that tankless heaters are far more efficient.

Another factor you should take in consideration when looking at water heater reviews is the design of the device. You want to have a user friendly heater, with as little buttons as possible placed in easily reachable areas. In this case a tankless water heater is better suited because it has more finesse than the storage ones.

Now that you have seen the different aspects of these two types of water heaters, let’s say you opted for the storage tank water heater. One of the best gas tank water heaters is the condensing one. These units can convert the fuel into heating power in a proportion of up to 98%. If the area in which you live in provides the choice of a gas installation, then a condensing water heater is a good choice.

Different types of water heaters have different characteristics

When looking through water heater reviews take in consideration all the variables. Yes, a gas powered heater is very efficient, but it comes with higher operating costs. Electric models also have a longer lifespan and usually offer longer warranties. You can use a simple trick to improve the efficiency of these models. Just better insulate the water pipes and the tank.

On the other hand, when talking about tankless water heaters you should be aware that they come at a higher cost. Propane water heaters received great reviews in the usage in outdoor kitchens and RVs. They are also used in campsites, and generally provide hot water wherever a portable source is required.

Water heater reviews emphasize on the fact that electric tankless water heaters are far more efficient than the tank models. Using more than 20% less energy they are very eco friendly. Again, installation costs are a bit more expensive, but on the long term they will pay off. A downside is that they are less powerful than the gas models.

Solar water heaters have gained the favors of many, thanks to the positive reviews it gathered. They may not be the most efficient device but then again they do not require a consumable power source. The sun is free for us all and these pieces of technology thrive on this. The installation is a bit expensive, but after that, they are low maintenance and practically eliminate the operating costs.

One last thing you should watch out for when browsing for water heater reviews is the comparison in price tags. The price of a water heater is composed out of many variables and a seemingly inexpensive solution can turn into a real problem over the years. Take in consideration efficiency, installation costs and warranty. Although many water heaters come with long warranties, the actual coverage of the contract may not please you. All in all you should look for a solution that best fits your needs.

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